Wholesale delivery

Wholesale delivery of 10 or more orders to a Leader's address! 📦

Terms & Conditions:
1. Cost of wholesale delivery is only 1 euro to each country!
2. Orders will be packed in individual packages, packages in a box. The box will only be sent if there are 10 or more orders at the declared address. 
3. Orders for wholesale delivery can only be placed by prepayment.
4. The box is shipped from the warehouse when 10 orders are accumulated. 
5. The leader controls the number of orders placed and assumes responsibility for informing the consultants of his structure and for releasing the orders to their declared address. 
6. For the Customers' convenience, the Leader's address will be assigned a numerical code. The Customer only needs to select the Wholesale Delivery icon when placing the order and enter the numerical code which the Leader will give him. 
7. The delivery time for the Wholesale Box is the same as for a regular order.
8. Every Leader can submit a request in the Customer Service form. By indicating the subject - Wholesale Delivery. The message must include - full delivery address with postcode, your registration number and contact details.

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