The Gift Card


Starting from 26.10.2023, a new tool for recruiting and activating your structure is now available! 🚀  - The Gift Card with a 5 EUR Promo Code that can be used for payment on mihi! 

Purchase a set of 3 cards (art 050304) for only 10 euros in the Extra section on the website. 💰 

Pay 10 euros - use 15 euros! 💸


Whom can you * gift the card to?

1) A potential newcomer or a registered newcomer without an order 🆕

2) A buyer in your structure who hasn't placed an order for a while 🛒

*hand over the card personally or take a photo and send it via any messenger! 📷


How will this impact the growth of your structure?

Let's consider an example:

A Leader purchased 5 sets, 15 cards. Expenses = 50 euros.

1) Gifted 10 cards to New Buyers = received 10 new orders at 40 euros each =

+ 400 euros added to the turnover!

2) Used 5 cards to activate buyers in the structure = 5 orders at 50 euros each =

+ 250 euros!

Total + 650 euros added to the turnover of the structure!


What you need to know about the Gift Card?💡 

- The card has no expiration date.

- Each card (1 promo code) can be used only once.

- Only one promo code can be used in one order.

- The promo code entry window appears in the order cart.

- The promo code discount is applicable to orders starting from 25 euros at catalog prices.

- The 5 euros promo code does not affect the personal volume (PV) amount.

- After entering the promo code, the order must be paid (for pre-paid orders) or approved (for post-paid orders) within 24 hours.


Make use of this new tool to boost your sales! 🚀

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