Cooperation with the Mentor and Director

1. The Buyer can have only one registration number and one Mentor. Each buyer has a Mentor, in exceptional cases, upon personal request, the Buyer can be registered without a Mentor. If the Buyer does not know the personal number of the Mentor, or registers on his own, his Mentor will be automatically determined by the Company among the participants in the marketing plan, on a territorial basis.

2. As a Mentor, the Buyer has no right under any circumstances to offer registration to its structure to an already registered Buyer.

When the fact of the Buyer's re-registration is established, including according to the personal data of relatives, the new registration number in a different structure will be deleted without saving the data on the deleted number. The mentor, in whose structure the re-registration took place, will be fined 50% of the remuneration under the Marketing Plan for the last billing period, in case of repeated violation - a fine of 100% of the remuneration for the last billing period. In case of a third violation of the rules of the Company's work - the removal of the registration number, and the loss of all previously achieved privileges.

The Director - Mentor of the Buyer is issued a warning. Revealing the repeated fact of re-signing of the Buyer (s) in the structure of the already warned Director entails a penalty in the amount of 100% remuneration without notice, which is charged in the next billing period.

Director - Mentor is obliged to inform the Company in writing about re-registration in his structure and request the deletion of the data of the Buyer re-registered in his structure, in this case, he is released from responsibility.

3. The mentor is obliged to inform the management of the Company about any violations of the Rules of the Company that occur in his Personal Group.

4. The mentor is obliged to follow the Rules in force in the Company and additional instructions published in the official publications and materials of the Company.

5. The mentor should do monthly work with his group: develop the group by attracting new Buyers; help, guide, motivate their Buyers, maintain constant contact with their Buyers, informing them about group meetings, classes, and training;

6. The mentor is obliged to introduce the Buyers to the Rules in force in the Company, as well as to monitor cooperation with these Rules by the Buyers of his group.

7. From the moment of confirming the status, the Director of the Company has no right to cooperate with MLM companies or direct sales companies that sell the same or similar assortment, as well as to involve Buyers from the Company's network in such activities.

8. Please note that partnerships between the Company and the Buyer, starting from the status of a Partner ( 12% based on the Marketing Plan), can be formalized by a Service Agreement, on the basis of which the remuneration calculated according to the Marketing Plan is transferred to the Buyer's current account.



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