Family contract

The Buyer may enter into a Family Contract with the company, which provides for the inclusion of a second person in the Buyer's existing registration number. 

A family contract can be made from the Director level. During the process of drawing up the Family Contract, it is important to indicate the first (main) Holder of the registration number. A structure is assigned to this person. In the event of any dispute or termination of the Family Contract, the structure always remains assigned to the first (main) Number Holder. 

The service agreement can be issued to any family contract holder. Replacement of participants (first and second) after the conclusion of the family contract is not performed.

The family contract can be terminated by mutual agreement of both holders of the number. At the same time, the structure is not divided between the participants in the “family contract”, and the registration number is assigned to the first (‘main’) Number Holder.

A family contract is made if the second person is not registered in the structure of another Mentor at the time of registration of the family contract. The company reserves the right to satisfy the request to conclude a Family Contract, or refuse it without giving a reason.

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