Cooperation with the Buyer

1.                The Buyer is not an employee of the Company.

2.                Buyer must respect the direct selling system and not sell mihi products through retail outlets and/or at prices below Buyer's prices. In case of a violation of these rules, the Company reserves the right to remove this number from the database without warning.

3.                It is prohibited to sell products by placing them on a showcase and/or offering them to an unlimited number of people at any wholesale and retail outlets (including shops, markets, stalls, kiosks, etc.).

4.                It is forbidden to sell products through online stores and websites of the Buyer if the price of the products is lower than the price of the current Catalog.

5.                It is forbidden to use mihi's network of buyers (registered on the site) to promote and sell products of MLM companies with the same or similar assortment.

6.                The Buyer is obliged to correctly inform his Clients about the quality, application, and composition of the Company's products, as well as about the availability of goods in stock. At the same time, he must always be guided by the information that is in the advertising and information materials of the Company, or on the product packaging. The Buyer is obliged to compensate the Client for the damage caused by his incorrect information.

7.                The Buyer has no right to apply with an offer to purchase or register to Clients and Newcomers of other Buyers and interfere with the work of the network of Buyers of other Mentors.

8.                The cooperation agreement with mihi is not an employment contract. When presenting a business opportunity, the Buyer must emphasize that it provides an opportunity to start their own independent business. The Buyer does not have the right to act and give obligations on behalf of the Company.

9.                In his work, the Buyer must be guided by all laws, the Code, and the Rules governing the conduct of business in the Company, and not compromise himself and the Company in the eyes of the Client and society.

10.             The mentor is personally responsible for the Buyers involved by him, their training, and education.

11.             The Buyer has no right, without the prior written consent of the Company, to give any interviews regarding the activities of the Company in the media, including the Internet. The Buyer also has no right to produce advertising materials of the Company.

12.             Negative statements about the Company and Customers posted in the media, including the Internet, are regarded as a serious violation of mihi's ethical standards.

13.             The use of signs and symbols of the Company is allowed only with the written permission of the Company. The trademark, logo, and name must only be used within the scope of Company policy.

14.             All printed materials, videos, photographs, designs, music, and poetry of the Company are protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Company. Text and video materials from the official websites and channels of the Company, as well as from the official pages of social networks, must be reproduced without distorting the information, only with reference to the source.

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