Promo account - is a virtual account of a registered Buyer, which displays the Buyer's remuneration under the Marketing Plan, additional or one-time charges (in national currency), before the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services, as well as a discount received when placing a “Client Order”, regardless of the existence of the contract.

The total amount of money on the Promo Account is displayed in the Personal Account. 

Money from the Promo Account can be used to purchase mihi products by placing personal orders in the proportion of 65% to 35%. 

For example, you have 10 Euros on your Promo Account and you have made a personal order for the amount of 10 Euros. 6.5 Euros will be deducted from the promotional account, and 3.5 Euros must be paid by bank card on the company's website or to the courier upon delivery of the order. The remaining 3.5 Euros on the promotional discount will be available to use on your next order.

The program will automatically pay for your orders with the available amount from the Promo Account.

Funds are credited to the Promo Account based on the results of the completed period and are stored on the Promo Account in the national currency (at the corporate rate) without a time limit while your account is active.

The discount received as the difference between the price of the catalog and the price of the registered Buyer, when placing a “Customer Order”, is credited only to the Promo Account, and can be used to pay for personal orders, regardless of the existence of a cooperation agreement.


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