Premium Club - Programme for Company Admirers


Make your PV from 100 EUR in the current catalogue period and become a Premium Club member in the next catalogue period! 

Maintain your Premium Club membership* by meeting the PV requirement of 100 EUR or more in each catalogue period.


Your privileges and gifts:

1) 30% discount on any order for club members.

2) -50% discount on catalogues during the membership period.

3) Exclusive sets and offers only for club members.

4) New products from the offered list as a gift for every 3 periods of continuous membership in Premium Club

5) Exclusive accessories from the Company as a gift for every 18 periods of Premium Club membership + the opportunity to get free shipping by making orders from 50 € in each period.

  • First and all subsequent orders in the period from 50€ - 50% discount on delivery.

  • Second and all subsequent orders in the period from 100€ - delivery is free.

The discount applies to the particular carrier in each country, link

6) Participation in exclusive special competitions with gifts (household equipment, electronics, etc.) and trips!

7) Prize raffles every quarter among members with 18+ periods of membership: II quarter 2024. - Iphone 15


*If your PV becomes less than 100 EUR in any period, you will no longer be a member of the Premium Club. To become a Premium Club member again, make your PV of 100 EUR and become a member from the next period.


PREMIUM CLUB - your unlimited benefits!


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