Selling products

1. The Company gives permission to the Customer to distribute the products of Mihi brand, manufactured and packaged for the Company's order. 

 2. Products manufactured by the Company must not cause harm when used in accordance with their purpose, instructions and expiry dates. All Company products are certified to the standards and norms of the producing countries, which provides a guarantee to both the Consultant and the Company.

 3. The Company reserves the right to change prices, product assortment and payment terms. The Company does not compensate for any losses incurred as a result of changes in prices or product assortment.

 4. The Consultant may use the funds credited to the Promotional Account as Remuneration according to the Compensation Plan (CP) of 65% of the total order value when paying for a personal order. If the amount of funds in the Promotional Account is more than 65% of the order value, the remaining Remuneration can be used to pay for future orders. This rule applies only if the Consultant does not have a valid Service Contract with the Company.

 5. The retail sale of products is prohibited:

·         by displaying them in shop exposition and/or offering them to an unlimited number of people at any retail or wholesale point (including shops, markets, stands, kiosks, etc.);

·         through marketplace services (allegro, olx, etc.), online shops at a price lower than that specified in the current Catalogue and/or on the Company's official website. 

 6. It is prohibited to place information about gifts, discounts, promotions from the owner of the website without the approval of the Company.

 7. Responsibility for violating clauses 5 - 6 will cause:

In case of a second detected violation, a penalty of 50% deduction from the Remuneration for the billing period at the Senior Leader level or a warning/removal of the Consultant number at a level below the Senior Leader level and a warning to his/her superior Director.

 8. Consultants' participation in exhibitions and promotional events (of limited duration) is not considered retail sales and does not represent a violation of the Business Rules.


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