How to return the product?

1.  The Consultant can return the good quality product within 30 days starting from the moment of receipt of the parcel.

2. The deadline for withdrawing from the contract will expire after 30 days from the date when the Consultant received the package.

The products you would like to return cannot be opened and the protective membrane (in case it appears) should not be damaged or tampered with.

3. In order to return the product, Consultant has to fill out the form that is provided below:

4. In case of returning the product that is the part of the entire set, the entire purchased set must be returned.

5. More precise information about the Consumer's rights and obligations according to the New Law on Consumer Rights are available on the website of UOKiK:


In case you have received the product that is defective, it can be returned within 60 days starting from the moment of receipt of the parcel.

Attention! The defect that caused the return cannot be the result of careless handling.

In case you have any questions regarding the delivery of the order, complaints and returns, please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]


Refund (for any type of order)

The company has the right to refuse to accept the goods returned by the Consultant and refuse to refund the money paid for it, in case the Consultant has not complied with the rules of return, including:

1.Violation of return deadlines

2.Returning products without manufacturing defects, in case manufacturing defects are listed as the reason for the return, etc.

3.The products were opened and has no manufacturing defects.

4.The protective membrane of the product was broken.


*If funds from the promo account have been used in the order, the refund is made to the promo account first, till the amount realised is exceeded accordingly.
**If the returned product was purchased with a promotion and has a different value in the order (e.g. one product was purchased with benefits and the other at regular price), refunds will be made for the lowest value in the order, if such a product bought using benefits, the used benefits will be refunded to your account.

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