Social media and advertising regulations

The company recommends to Customers:

  • create and actively use their own websites, internet platforms, social networks and messengers, including posting referral links to the Company's website and promoting mihi products;

  • place their referral links to the Company's website on third-party websites.

1. For all Customers who place referral links to the Company's website on their own platforms or on the platforms of third parties who place advertisements and/or information regarding the Company and/or mihi products on the internet, the Company sets out these Rules:

1.1 the Customer's platform should be aimed at working with the personal structure and attracting new Customers to their structure, in order to increase the sales volume of mihi products;

1.2 the corporate intellectual property of the Company (mihi trademark, other trademarks owned by the Company, corporate symbols, corporate colours, etc.) may be used at the Customer's platform, with the following rules:

1.2.1 аny information provided by the Company that is not confidential may be used.

Confidentiality is determined according to the following principle: if this information is freely distributed by the Company to all Customers and clients, it is not confidential. If only the registered Customer of the Company has access to the information, the distribution of such information on the Customer's platform is prohibited;

1.2.2 it is not permitted to publish and distribute Company information and/or materials that have not already been published on mihi's official resources (website, official communities on social media and messengers). For example, a product catalogue may not be posted on the Customer's website before it is posted on the Company's official website. The Customer can promote on his/her social media and websites, and present only actual information to clients - for example, the current period's catalogue only. The next period's catalogues and offers, are placed on the website only for the planning work for leaders and consultants. This rule applies to all types of information and materials that the Company makes available to Customers;

1.2.3 Customer's platform may not be used to advertise and/or sell products of other companies, or sell products that are for any reason prohibited for sale (e.g. due to lack of certification and/or registration in cases where product certification and/or registration is required by the laws of the country in which the product is sold) and/or prohibited for sale by distance selling;

1.2.4 the Customer's platform must not mislead its users (i.e. it must not give the impression that it is an official site of the Company), therefore the Customer's platform (on the pages of the website, in the website domain name, on the personal pages/accounts of the Customer in social networks, messengers, etc.) must not contain the combination of words "Official" and "mihi", "mihi" + country name + EU in any form.

1.2.5 the advertising of the Customer's platform and/or referral link shall not give the impression that it is advertising the official website of the Company and therefore the advertising of the Customer's platform and/or referral link shall not contain the phrase "official website mihi" in any form, 

Furthermore, on the front page of the Customer's platform (website pages, website domain name, personal pages/accounts of the Customer in social networks, messengers, etc.) the following information must be included on a mandatory basis:

  • Customer's personal data. 

  • the Customer's platform (depending on the type of the Customer's platform) is not respectively the official website, online shop, official page/account, messenger of the Company;

  • Name and surname of the Customer (Customer's platform owner) stating that when registering through a referral link the person interested in registering in the mihi Customer database will be registered under "Mentor" - in the structure of the Customer who is the owner of the Customer's platform in question;

  • If a person wishing to register in the mihi Customer database wants to register under a different "Mentor", they must register on the official Company website (without following the referral link, but by re-entering the official Company website using the address bar;

1.2.6 the Customer's platform must be administered by the Customer (e.g. the domain name of the website and the e-shop must be administered by the Customer, the social media account must be in the name of the Customer, etc.);

2.Requirements for third party platforms:

2.1 the Customer has the right to advertise on any third party sites on the Internet in its own name and at its own expense, except for sites containing and/or distributing and/or selling information, materials, goods, works (services) of an extremist and/or pornographic and/or political nature (or any other nature if they may damage the image and business reputation of the Company).

2.2. Requirements for advertising and information placed by the Customer relating to the Company and/or mihi products:

2.2.1 the Customer shall have the right to use the Company's intellectual property ("IP") when advertising and providing information about the Company and/or mihi products. The IP includes the mihi trademark and other trademarks owned by the Company, logos, corporate symbols, corporate colours, photographs, videos, presentations etc.). The IP is hosted on the company's website.Use of the IP is authorised strictly:

  • under the terms of the Licence Agreement, available on the Website;

  • in the quality and resolution the IP has posted on the Website.

2.2.2 in posting advertisements and information about the Company and/or mihi products and links to them, in communicating on Customer platforms: (a) there must be no negative feedback or remarks about the Company's products and/or cooperation with the Company; (b) no feedback or remarks insulting, degrading or humiliating to other people are permitted;

2.2.3 the Сustomer may only place information and advertising that does not violate the laws of the country where the information and/or advertising is placed;

2.2.4 the Customer shall comply with the advertising laws and other applicable laws in force of the country where the Customer places the information and/or advertisements on the Customer's website;

2.2.5. The Company shall not in any circumstances be liable to the Customer and/or any third party platform owners/administrators for any consequential, incidental, unintentional damage, including loss of profits or lost data, damage to honour, dignity or goodwill arising from the use of the Company's intellectual property. 

2.2.6. It is the Сustomer's responsibility to observe current promotions in order to place only actual advertisements.

3. Responsibility:

3.1.By selling mihi products on their websites and online shops, by placing advertisements and information on the internet and by placing their referral links the Customer does so in its own name and at its own expense (all rights and obligations in transactions between Customers and consumers as well as between the Customer and third party sites belong to the Customer).

3.2. The Customer shall be personally liable for failure to comply with the laws of the country where the Customer is located (and, in the case of advertising and/or information, the sale of products in other countries and the legislation of the countries concerned), relating to the conduct of the Customer's business, including: registration as an individual entrepreneur and/or firm; payment of taxes and duties; cash transactions and non-cash settlements in connection with the sale of products; violation of consumer rights, failure to post necessary consumer information on the website and the online shop (about the seller, about the products, the procedure for paying for the products, etc.); sale of products that are prohibited for sale due to the lack of certificates and/or registration certificates for such products; sale of products prohibited for sale by distance selling, etc..
The Company shall not be liable to the Consultant or to third parties in the event of the Consultant's breach of this clause, and the Consultant consciously and fully accepts this.

3.3.In case, due to breaches by the Customer of clauses 1-2 and/or 3.2 of these Rules, any claims and/or lawsuits and/or other demands (to comply with regulations, to pay administrative fines, etc.) by public authorities or any other third parties are made against the Company, the Customer shall compensate the Company for all documented losses caused in connection therewith, which he agrees to and acknowledges the Company's claim in full.

3.4. The Customer shall comply with ethical behaviour and rules that exclude any fraudulent methods of attracting new customers and unfair competition with other Customers when placing advertisements, information, referral links on the Internet, using the intellectual property of the Company in the process.

3.5. For an initial breach of these Terms and Conditions, the Customer will be given a warning and/or a demand to resolve the breach.  The time limit for remedying the infringement is 48 hours from receipt of the notice. 

In the case of a repeated breach of these Rules, the Company has the right to impose a fine of 100% of the remuneration for the last for the previous calculation period without prior notice.

From the third breach of these rules, the Customer's registration number will be deleted from the company's database without a right to restore it.

3.6. In addition to the above, if the Customer fails to comply with these Rules, the Company reserves the right to prohibit the Customer from making any use of the Company's intellectual property both on the Customer's platform and on any website, online shop, etc. used by the Customer, to take measures to block the website and online shop, etc.

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