International Trip Turkey 2024

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the Mediterranean coast for 7 nights and 8 days, staying in a luxurious 5-star all-inclusive hotel! Everyone can participate! 

 Period for fulfilment of conditions:

6th period 2023 - 5th period 2024 (inclusive) 

 Conditions for participation in the trip: 

  • Group 1 - Registered Customer  (0 to 14% or 17% without proof of status)

Make a turnover of €5000 or more in 12 of the 17 periods ( programme validity)

*family contract - 2 places on the trip if the status of Senior Director is retained for 12 periods out of 17.

  •  Group 2 - Director, Senior Director, Structural Director, Business Director

Confirm your new status within the programme period

*family contract - 2 places on the trip in case of confirmation of 2 new statuses or the possibility of a trip for the second participant for a fee

**Participants from Group 1 can fulfil the conditions of Group 2 by confirming a new title from Senior Director or above.

  •  Group 3 - Senior Business Director and above

1 member in 1 level who has fulfilled the conditions of the programme

* family contract - 2 places per trip, in case of 2 winners in level 1, or the possibility of a trip for the second participant for a fee.


Conditions required for all participants

✔️PV according to MP for declared level in all program periods

✔️confirm status in periods 4 and 5 of 2024

*It is possible to issue a family contract for participation in the trip until the 11th period of 2023 inclusive.

 ‼️Please note that the International Trip is a programme for statuses from Director and above. And any Customer have only once chance to become a member of the programme International Trip 2024 by becoming a Director and fulfilling the conditions ‼️

An additional condition to participate in the International Trip to Turkey planned for May 2024!  

!! Additional conditions only apply if the participant has run out of time to meet the basic conditions.

Starting from catalogue 12-23, the following participants can join the programme:

  • Those who do not have Confirmed Director status at the start of the 12-23 period.

  • Those who have joined mihi recently or plan to join starting from period 12-23.

The conditions to join the trip are following:
You need to achieve a cumulative Group Volume (GV)* of at least 60,000 € from period 12/2023 to 5/2024 inclusive.

 *In case 2 or more Leaders (registered one under the other) wish to participate in the trip and fulfil the above conditions, the difference between their total GV must be at least 60,000 €. If there is no such difference, only the superior Leader may take part in the trip.



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