Sets for Premium Club members !

Only for you from 21.02 to 28.02.2024 the unique sets are available with a discount of -40%


Set 240211 for only 42,8€→25,7€

- 031201 Sebum Balance. Oily hair Shampoo 

- 031202 Sebum Balance. Oily hair conditioner 

- 031001 Profi Care. Collagen booster for hair Wow Effect 


Set 240212 for only 49,5€→29,7€

- 011600 Combi Skin. Prebiotic day cream

- 011601 Combi Skin. Prebiotic night cream

- 011602 Combi Skin. Prebiotic serum 

- 011402 Hydrogel eye patch. Hydrogel eye patch Tone Up


Set 240213  for only 41,0€→24,6€

- 040303 Perfume women 12%. Nude 3 

- 040403 Perfume men 12%. Pure 3 

- 050502 Lip Care. Lip Butter Berry 

- 070107 Just for MAN. Lip Balm


But that's not all! 

With each set you will receive a gift 090521 Felt organizer insert for bag!

A functional and practical accessory that is suitable for everyone https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G8oNfUw6teq6QrSY_bWw_nH8Y4a5kj7b


Search in the section - Sets, with the mark as in the picture.



The sets are available to:

- All members of the Premium Club programme by the results of the period 02/2024.

- Customers who have fulfilled the conditions of the Premium Club programme in the current period and have a mark of program membership in Personal Office (Personal Office → Dashboard → Premium Club).

- Customers who have fulfilled the conditions of the Premium Club programme during the promotion term (with a mark in Personal Office) get access to the promotion with the next order placed during its validity period.




Become a Premium Club member and enjoy the privileges of the programme! 

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