Trip to the Dominican Republic

In November 2024, we are going on an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic and you can be a part of this adventure!

Programme Participants: Status from Business Director and above

Period for fulfilment of conditions: 14/2023 to 13/2024


Conditions of Participation:

  • For New Business Directors and above: During the programme period, confirm Business Director status or any further status for the first time and retain it during periods 12-13/2024.

  • For Business Directors: Show a cumulative total of at least 50 first level Director groups during the programme period.

  • For Senior Business Directors and above: Show a cumulative total of at least 64 first level Director Groups over the programme period.

Additional conditions for participation in the programme for two members of a family contract:

✔️ Confirm Elite Director status for the first time.


✔️ Show cumulatively 100 first level Director Groups.

A second member of the family contract can also take part in the trip for an additional cost.


Participate in the programme and get ready for an unforgettable trip to the Dominican Republic with mihi! 


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