Formula 1 High Level


Grab the chance and take part in the programme!
The last catalogue of validity of the programme is 13-23

Formula 1 High Level!

Introducing from the 6th catalogue period - Formula 1 High Level!  

Invite more New Customers - receive regular rewards:

✔️If you have 25 or more New Customers with a fulfilled first step* in the first line during the accounting period - your Recruitment Bonus is € 250 or more (€ 10 for each New Customer)!

✔️ Even though you have previously received a Bonus from the Formula 1 Programme for 10 or more New Customers, you can participate in the Formula 1 High Level Programme and receive an additional bonus for 25 or more New Customers in each period!

✔️ The Formula 1 programme still works on the same terms and conditions - you can invite 10 or more New Customers and receive a one-off bonus, then move up to the High Level and receive a regular reward for 25 or more New Customers!

✔️ The payment of the bonus will be the same as before, along with the payment of your Marketing Plan remuneration: by contract, to your Sodexo card, to your promotional account (depending on how you receive your Marketing Plan remuneration).


*1 Step of the program is available to all New Customers without orders during 3 periods from the registration period.


We wish you rapid development!

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