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Регистрация и лични данни

1. In order to become a Buyer, you must fill out the registration form on the mihi.care website, after which you will receive an SMS with a registration number and a password to enter your personal account on the website. Without confirmation (verification) of the phone number, registration is considered incomplete. Do not lose your Registration Number and Password, you will need them for further logins to the site.

2. An unregistered client can purchase products on the Company's website at catalog prices, but cannot participate in the Marketing Plan.

3. You can become a mihi Customer from the age of 16.

4. The Buyer can have only one registration number and one Mentor. Each buyer has a Mentor, in exceptional cases, upon personal request, the Buyer can be registered without a Mentor. If the Buyer does not know the personal number of the Mentor, or registers on his own, his Mentor will be automatically determined by the Company among the participants of the marketing plan from the Leader level of 8%, according to the territorial principle.

Relatives (parents, spouses, brothers, and sisters) can make a Family Contract, (link for material)  which implies the registration of two relatives for one number, one of whom will be the first Number Holder, the other - the second Number Holder.

5. If a new Buyer from the moment of registration has not made a single personal order within 3 billing periods, the Company reserves the right to remove his number from the database without warning. New registration of the Buyer, in this case, will be possible immediately after the removal of the number, on a general basis in the structure of any Mentor.

6. If the Buyer, after registration, made a personal order/orders, but 10 periods have passed since the last order was placed, the Company reserves the right to remove the number from the database without warning. New registration of the Buyer, in this case, will be possible immediately after the removal of the number, on a general basis in the structure of any Mentor.

7. The buyer can remove his number from the database on a personal request. The resumption of activities in the Company to such a Buyer and his relatives living with him at the same address is possible after a year after the removal of the number from the database. In case of registration earlier than one year after the deletion, the data of the Buyer and/or his relatives will be deleted from the Company's database.

8. When the Buyer's registration number is removed from the Company's database for any reason, the Buyer's structure is transferred to a higher Mentor. When the number of the Structural Director and higher is deleted due to violation of the Company Rules (in cases of re-signing of the Buyers, work in another network company, retail sales of the Company's products, etc.), his registration number is blocked (the surname, name, and patronymic of the Director are replaced to "mihi"), while maintaining the structure. At the same time, the structure built by such a Director is not transferred to a person with a higher position. 

9. If during the registration of the Buyer an error was made in the Mentor's number, this error can be corrected within 3 working days from the date of registration. To do this, you need to submit an application in the "Feedback" section on the Company's website. The application is submitted by the Buyer who made a mistake. Attention! The error will be corrected only if the Buyer has no structure and is registered in the system later than his future Mentor. Correction of the error after 3 working days from the date of registration is possible in exceptional cases by decision of the Company, with the written consent of the Mentor, in the structure of which the Buyer erroneously registered. Грешката при регистрацията може да бъде поискана в рамките на 2 периода от момента на регистрацията. Прехвърлянето на Купувача заедно със структурата от един Ментор на друг е забранено! В изключителни случаи е възможно прехвърляне в рамките на дружеството със съгласието на настоящия Ментор и трима висши директори на структурата.


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