Regras de sucessão

1. The buyer may transfer his registration number to a close relative for a justified reason (documented). The transfer of the number is carried out on the basis of a written application of the Buyer and a scanned copy of a document confirming a valid reason (for example, a health certificate). The structure is transferred by right of inheritance to a relative, provided that at the time of registration of the transferred number, the relative was not registered in the structure of another Mentor. The company reserves the right to satisfy the request of relatives or refuse it without giving reasons.

2. The registration number can be inherited in the event of the death of the Buyer. The transfer of the number is made on the basis of a written application from the next of kin. The application is accepted within 6 months from the date of death and a scanned copy of the death certificate must be attached to the application. The right to operate in the Company is indivisible and is transferred to one of the heirs in accordance with an agreement between them or a court decision.


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