Programme Benefit for orders

The 05/2024 catalog is the last period for accruing Benefits for your orders!

 Participants can use the accumulated Benefits within the next 3 periods: from 06/2024 to 08/2024 inclusive.

 In the 09/2024 period, all unused Benefits will expire.



All customers who have completed 4 steps of the Program for New Clients.. 



Place orders every catalogue - collect Benefits - choose gifts.

For every €10 PV based on the results of each catalogue period, you receive 1 Benefit (B) to your personal Benefit-account in the Consultant Account.
If you place orders every catalogue - the Benefits are accumulating.
If you miss a catalogue period, the Benefits for the previous period are cancelled.

 You can receive a maximum of 7 Benefits in one period.

 Example №1: 

3 catalogue - PV 35 euro - 3.5 B

4 catalogue - PV 65 euro - 6.5 B

5 catalogue - PV 0 euro 

Your Benefit-account for catalogue 6 will have 3.5 B (only for period 3, the Benefit for catalogue 4 will be cancelled as there was no order in period 5).


Example №2: 

3 catalogue - PV 35 euro - 3.5 B

4 catalogue - PV 65 euro - 6.5 B

5 catalogue - PV 90 euro - 7 B (because the maximum is 7 B).

Your Benefit-account in catalogue 6 will have 17 B


Example 3: 

3 catalogue - PV 35 euro - 3.5 B

4 catalogue - PV 65 euro - 6.5 B

5 catalogue - PV 90 euros - 7 B

6 catalogue - PV 0 euro

7 catalogue - PV 0 euros

Your Benefit-account in catalogue 8 will have 3,5 В (in catalogue 6 you will lose the Benefit for catalogue 5 and in catalogue 7 - for catalogue 4).


Once the Benefits have been accrued, select gifts in the Benefits section.

There will be available products from each category, and company accessories. Each product will have its value in Benefits and you will be able to select a product by exchanging it for Benefits. 


You don't have to use all the Benefits in one order, you can accumulate them without limit and use them when you want!

The most important thing is to place orders every catalogue so that the Benefits are not lost!



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