Meet two exclusive Newcomer product sets!

Dear Leaders and Buyers! 🌟


From the 13th period the 1st Step of the Welcome Programme for New Customers = 40€.


πŸŽ‰ To make the 1st Step as easy as possible, we are pleased to present you a special offer for Newcomers!  πŸ€”Want to get to know the wide range of mihi but don't know where to start? We have the solution! πŸ’‘ 


Meet two exclusive Newcomer product sets, each for only €40 (in catalogue prices) πŸ›


πŸ˜‰βœ… By purchasing one of the sets you automatically complete the first Step of the Welcome Programme, which means you get a maximum discount of -30% on your first Newcomer order!


Buy for 40€ and pay only 28€! πŸ‘›


🏑 230902 Eco Home Set 58,1 eur 40,0 eur ➑️ 28,0 eur


080121  Home  Bathroom  Active cleaner foam for shower cabin

080106  Home  Bathroom  Bath cleaner Anti-raid

080110  Home  Kitchen  Anti-Grease Remover

080109  Home  Kitchen  Descaler

080114  Home  Kitchen  Dishwasher rinser

080203  Home  Laundry  Concentrated fabric softener Harmony

080201  Home  Laundry  Concentrated laundry gel Color


🧴 230903 Luxury Care Set 58,8 eur 40,0 eur ➑️ 28,0 eur


020907  Body  Vegan Rokitnik plus  Natural shower gel

020908  Body  Vegan Rokitnik plus  Natural body scrub

020909  Body  Vegan Rokitnik plus  Natural body butter

020209  Body  Hand Help  Cream-paraffin Lavender

020210  Body  Hand Help  Nail & cuticle oil Almond


❕Prices on posters are shown after applying 30% discount.


πŸ‘‰ In order to add a Newcomer’s set to your first order, you need after registration and login to the site:

-add any product(s) to your order,

-go to the basket,

-select a set(s) from the window that appears


Newcomer has the opportunity to choose one of the sets or order two at once in one order and get acquainted with even wider range of mihi! πŸ˜ŽπŸ“¦


Don't miss this unique opportunity! Take your first step into the exciting world of mihi today! πŸ’«